Client – Centered Services
Giving Total Flexibility Solutions

XPAC Technologies strives for a client-centric service giving total flexibility yet maintaining an outstanding quality manufacturing industry. The company continues to keep up with technology advancement in order to provide only the best of its capability concentrating on “Packaging Technology Center” where prototypes and development are conceived. “Packaging Technology Center” has embedded ISO procedures to maintain the highest standard that the industry can offer to its clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Packaging Technology Center

Processes a careful and meticulous execution to ensure that only quality products are being produced. Our design team handles every project with great pride and dedication with the use of one of the most advanced design software in the industry today. All designs are then interpreted and materialized by one of the most sophisticated CNC routing and cutting machines. Quality Assurance is embedded in every step of the process ensuring Total Quality in Production.

Packaging Innovation Center

In partnership with technology advancement institutions, developed environmentally friendly packaging materials and machines with achievement of several patents, In response to global warming and the alarming rapid depletion of tree population worldwide, Packaging Innovation Centre is constantly creating innovative designs and materials to replace wooden material and promote less dependence to wooden pallets and crates in packaging.

ISTA Certified Testing Facility

All final products to be submitted for mass production will undergo a rigorous and strict testing procedure. With the company’s professional quality engineers dedicated to optimum customer service satisfaction. These processes are strictly adhered to ensure that the production quality throughout the whole development and manufacturing process.

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