Customized Plastic Pallets – Xpallet™

Stable. Sustainable. Scalable PWC Composite Pallets

True Innovative Approach

Xpallet™ customized plastic pallets – a proud product of XPAC’s initiative towards the future – a “Green Sustainable Packaging”. The material of the next generation to be used as an alternative means to traditional wooden pallets.

Cost – Effective



to virtually any possible location


Volume & Size Advantage

can be assembled on-demand at any given location.


Weight Factor

maximises 1 container van into a very small footprint

Unlimited Possibilities


Easy Integration

can be incorporated thru various setup and products

Transport Handling

available as pre-assembled or on-site assembly to minimize transportation cost

Flexible Sizing

customised to cater odd or standard sizing on any cargo requirements

Built to Last


Composite Materials

reliable precision output to ensure consistent product


Designed & Engineered

different configurations to maximise overall weight while maintaining its durability


Wear & Tear

Easily can withstand wear and tear

Light in Weight but Heavy in Load

Xpallet™ customized plastic pallets are practically made of composite materials – notably strong and considerably portable. Composite materials can withstand wear and tear from rugged applications, especially from getting wet.

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