Cold Bubble™
Thermal Packaging Solution

Temperature Control Protective Packaging

Cold Bubble™ Thermal Packaging Solution protects the thermal integrity of delicate products during transit. Applications such as chemical and pharmaceutical products including perishable goods are very delicate that needs extra handling. Available on standard or custom made requirements. Cold Bubble™ thermal packaging solution is constructed and designed to control temperature required for almost all products. Cold Bubble™ Packaging solution is very efficient in preserving required temperature, constructed uniquely that greatly improves its temperature control.

Cold Bubble™
Customized Thermal Box

Specifically designed for thermal sensitive products such as perishable goods that require extra care during transit from point A to point B. Having an efficient temperature control property that retains the product’s freshness. You can request for either outer insulation or inner lining.

Cold Bubble™ Thermal Roll

Engineered and design in our own manufacturing company. Cold Bubble™ Thermal Insulator providing superb thermal control throughout the transport or even for long period of time. This particular product comes with flexibility, we offer a lot of room for personalization or customization that will only be tailored to your own business. Added to our Bubblest™ Technology is the specially designed feature to give more cushioning to even more secure.

Cold Bubble™
Customized Thermal Sheets

Customizable material and solution, one the company’s primary service to every client. Thermal sheet offers both flexibility and efficiency. Having the efficiency under the same technology of Cold Bubble™ that provides optimum temperature control on your delicate and sensitive products.

Cold Bubble™
Thermal Blanket

Looking for superior temperature management over bulk and delicate shipping? Cold Bubble™ Thermal Blanket delivers tough performance on temperature control solutions. It is recyclable as it can withstand a rigorous wear and tear so it is very cost efficient.

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