BubbLest™ Bubble Packaging Material

Bubble Wrap Cushioning

Ideal for e-commerce small parcels, electronic items, high-performance bubble packaging materials got you covered.

Bubble Roll Surface Protection

An industrial application such as after-sales market, maintenance and parts distribution hubs BubbLest™ is reliable.

Bubble Sheet Static Control

Available on-demand ESD anti-static application. Suitable for delicatie and high-valued electronic parts distribution.

Reliable and Practical Bubble Packaging Material Protection

necessities in packaging into a much more secure, more robust and practical application for your valued products. It caters a variety of protective packaging from e-commerce to traditional commercial applications as well as electronic anti-static packaging.
Locally – Manufactured

Singapore’s Reliable Bubble Packaging Manufacturer.

Bubblest™ bubble packaging material,  manufactured in XPAC’s very own production plant, this process ensures nothing but superior quality because production is closely monitored and able quick response to deliveries. Bubblest™ bubble roll is available in wide variety of applications from the simplest protective purpose to very sensitive electronic as well as delicate aviation parts.

Available Dimensions:

20” (W) x 300ft (10mm Ø) / 164ft (30mm Ø)(L)
40” (W) x 300ft (10mm Ø) / 164ft (30mm Ø)(L)
60” (W) x 300ft (10mm Ø) / 164ft (30mm Ø)(L)
*Customized applications and dimensions also catered

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